Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Yellow...the sunny colour?

I often make mini sketches on anything that I can lay my hands on. Be it on the back of my Metro Ticket or on a notebook while attending boring meetings or simply on my hand while watching a not so interesting movie! On one glorious bright day while I was waiting for the kids to finish off their last few minutes at the park I sketched away on the back on my grocery bill. I was not feeling that bright and glorious though, because of few things that were worrying me.  Then suddenly I got impatient, as if I could not wait a second until I got it out of me. I drove the kids back home and ended up painting this! ...Later that day I assessed my problems, drafted a plan to logically tackle them and took the first step towards resolution...

YELLOW Photo by: Dita

Yellow to me is the bright side of the truth of life...it is the sense of awareness of me and my surroundings...it is a relief from the dark...an easy target to set and focus on. Although traditionally the colour yellow has never been used in a positive sense, my mind somehow denies the idea of it being symbolically associated to cowardice, aging, caution, criminal activities and even pornography! To me it is what I feel when I have set myself a clear goal and am looking forward to reaching it. It is the state where suddenly everything falls into space and I know exactly what I am after.  It is the morning after a long night. It is that part of the journey which almost ensures a happy destination. No wonder I love the fact that smileys are yellow! :)

Did you know that even yellow coloured foods are very good for you? It almost has an effect similar to what the sun has on earth! With an abundance of vitamin C yellow coloured super foods help your heart, vision, digestion and immune system. Which yellow food is your favourite?
Photo Courtsey: Google


  1. Hi Dita,
    Yellow is my favourite colour as well. It's the colour of life. It's the signature of power.

    Keep moving ahead. We are with you.

    Capt. Nemo.

  2. Hey...Yellow was never one of my favorites..but I must agree that your painting makes Yellow look better than it normally does...to me Yellow is "Visible"...

    and the next is....

    eagerly waiting

    1. Hi Tuls,

      Thank you for your kind words...i am bubbling with ideas and there is lots coming...so watch this space!


  3. Truly said about smileys being yellow and most nutritious foods are in yellow... Yellow or Basanti, being the color of Saraswati, also means knowledge in abundance, harvest gallore and close to mother nature.



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