Monday, 22 October 2012

What is the colour of HOPE?

Hope traditionally is signified by calm colours like white, green and is usually depicted by amiable's panorama - never outrageous. But, in the last few days HOPE to me has been RED...and I will tell you today why it has been so!

This is the time of the year when the life of every Bengali is taken over by a dream...A dream that in itself is the celebration of life, love, laughter, belief and hope! It is the time of the year when we forget all our woes and celeberate the Durga Puja!

This festivity commemorates Goddess Durga's visit to earth, Her parent's home. On the last day She leaves to be re-united with her husband, Lord Shiva in their heavenly abode. This last day of festivity evokes the feeling of separation that every parent feels when their children leave home.

On this day married women bid a special farewell to the Goddess by smearing vermilion on her forehead and offering sweets and wishing her a safe journey back to her home. They close their eyes in prayer and ask for her divine blessings. They pray for a long and happy married life....And they pray for peace and prosperity for their families...

The RED colour of the Sindur (vermilion), the heavy aroma of the incense, the mirth of the constant drumming, the revelry of the masses, the secret desires of the heart and the apprehension of separation, spells magic on this day....And to me this magic signifies the dominion of hope...The hope that is hidden in every heart...The hope to have a a long and happy married life, the hope for peace and prosperity, the hope to see Goddess Durga again next year...And so Hope is RED!

Sindur by Dita

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Highlights...

Lord Ganesha on wood-chips and Painted Prayers by Dita
How would you react when somebody walked up to your Art Stall at a Fiesta and commented "You have got really 'basic' artwork here...where did you get these shipped from?" Mister...they have all been painted by me...fruits of my babies!!! Well, I did not say any of the above...I just smiled at his ignorance and politely informed him that they were original art-work created by me and perhaps of a style that was not to his liking....Such was the depth of my first ever experience on the other side of the table at a Fiesta!

However it will be genuinely unfair to highlight the only negative observation (or should I say constructive criticism)! It was a very busy day at the Point Cook Annual Fiesta and I had my fair share of gratification and erudition.

Visitors of all ages browsed my exhibit all through the day and I met with some very nice people who seemed to be really interested in my art-work. It specially felt good when some of the patrons had a survey my work in details, chatted with me and then later brought along their friend, partner or a family member to review some particular piece that they liked best! I also loved to see the eyes of eager kids light up when I spoke to them about my art-work...I wonder whether I would have been able to ask such intriguing questions at their age!

Hand-made CHAI coasters by Dita also part of the paraphernalia
What a pleasure it was to see such interest in colours and art-work in the members of my community specially when I was competing with free rides, face paitings, sausage sizzles and free lemonade on a beautiful sunny day beating the temperamental Melbourne weather!

If you were to ask whether I would do it answer would be "Differently but Definitely"!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Point Cook Fiesta...

I am not sure whether I am anxious, excited or plain old restless...but I sure am BUSY!!! I am like this nomadic soul with many pots on the burner at the same time!!! And this time, trust me, it is not because I did not study the whole's just because I have too much on my plate...I am not trying to finish my syllabus at the last minute...I just have a lot to do!...and I am not complaining...I am very very happy about it...Well 'happy' is an understatement...I am elated!...almost intoxicated by the rush this gives me...but I am BUSY!!!

I still need to finish varnishing some of the art-work, cut-up the felt, glue them to the back of the coasters, complete the Painted Prayers, make a list of nick-nacks to buy, buy them, pack them, finalise the lay-out....PHEW...lots to do before I sleep....

Yes, you guessed it! I am preparing for another public event! This time I am participating in the annual Point Cook Fiesta! And I am thrilled...

 I am going to exhibit some of my art-work on Canvas, some Painted Prayers, Painted Coasters and some Greeting Cards... I promise I am going to write in details about all that I have spoken about later...but today it is only going to be just a sneak-peek of the work-in-progress (not because I don't want to show you...just because nothing is really complete yet!)

If you are in Melbourne, please come by. If not, I will post all images here so that you do not miss-out!

Details of the Event:

Point Cook Fiesta

Sunday, October 14th 2012

At the streets within the Town Centre

11am -5pm

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Warmer days are here...

While all the others are gathering nuts for the cold season we in the south, can't wait for the warmer and longer days...the barbeques in the parks, the icy-poles on the beaches, the balmy afternoons in the pools...It's been a long wait, but keeping in mind what is awaiting us, it all seems worth it!

Jiya drawing her version of the Tulip Festival...

To celebrate the beginning of the season of the sun, we decided to go to the Tulip Festival last Saturday! The bright morning looked so promising that none of us cared to check the weather (and we were 4 adults all equiped with handy 'i' stuff!)...On the way, we suddenly found ourselves racing black clouds...and by the time we reached, we were defeated! Brown sludge welcomed us to what was going to be a trip to remember!

Nothing seemed to stop the four kiddos (all just 5 or less)...the rain, the sludge, the chill in the air, cantankerous parents...nothing! The wide fields of colourful (wet)tulips and the magic in the air gave them a special thrill...a thrill that only innocent bodies like their's can feel...a thrill that we adults have hidden behind our woes...a thrill that we can feel only when we get rid of our inhibitions...And that we did!...finally!!!...After we spent most of our time there trying to mind the little fellows, we finally got our boots muddy...we finally let the rain wash away the restrictions...Our souls soaked the pleasure of indulgence as our laundered coats and styled hair soaked the rain drops! It indeed became a trip to the Tulip Festival with a difference...the difference that will make us smile to ourselves for a long time...

'The Tulip Festival' Painting by Dita...I would love to see this in some little girl's bedroom!