Monday, 22 October 2012

What is the colour of HOPE?

Hope traditionally is signified by calm colours like white, green and is usually depicted by amiable's panorama - never outrageous. But, in the last few days HOPE to me has been RED...and I will tell you today why it has been so!

This is the time of the year when the life of every Bengali is taken over by a dream...A dream that in itself is the celebration of life, love, laughter, belief and hope! It is the time of the year when we forget all our woes and celeberate the Durga Puja!

This festivity commemorates Goddess Durga's visit to earth, Her parent's home. On the last day She leaves to be re-united with her husband, Lord Shiva in their heavenly abode. This last day of festivity evokes the feeling of separation that every parent feels when their children leave home.

On this day married women bid a special farewell to the Goddess by smearing vermilion on her forehead and offering sweets and wishing her a safe journey back to her home. They close their eyes in prayer and ask for her divine blessings. They pray for a long and happy married life....And they pray for peace and prosperity for their families...

The RED colour of the Sindur (vermilion), the heavy aroma of the incense, the mirth of the constant drumming, the revelry of the masses, the secret desires of the heart and the apprehension of separation, spells magic on this day....And to me this magic signifies the dominion of hope...The hope that is hidden in every heart...The hope to have a a long and happy married life, the hope for peace and prosperity, the hope to see Goddess Durga again next year...And so Hope is RED!

Sindur by Dita


  1. I love that photograph ...did you arrange and click it...I must say there is much more to come from guys wait for the climax..and the world will see the talent of DITA...lots of good luck

    1. Yes I did :) and I am so glad u liked it :)...Thank you!

  2. ur shidur dabba is really pretty re...what a beautiful photo! And post too :)

    1. I know!...isnt it really cute...the dabba is half the size of a shot glass and it is one of my favourite possesions :)... I am so glad u like the photo (and the post)!


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