Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Point Cook Fiesta...

I am not sure whether I am anxious, excited or plain old restless...but I sure am BUSY!!! I am like this nomadic soul with many pots on the burner at the same time!!! And this time, trust me, it is not because I did not study the whole year...it's just because I have too much on my plate...I am not trying to finish my syllabus at the last minute...I just have a lot to do!...and I am not complaining...I am very very happy about it...Well 'happy' is an understatement...I am elated!...almost intoxicated by the rush this gives me...but I am BUSY!!!

I still need to finish varnishing some of the art-work, cut-up the felt, glue them to the back of the coasters, complete the Painted Prayers, make a list of nick-nacks to buy, buy them, pack them, finalise the lay-out....PHEW...lots to do before I sleep....

Yes, you guessed it! I am preparing for another public event! This time I am participating in the annual Point Cook Fiesta! And I am thrilled...

 I am going to exhibit some of my art-work on Canvas, some Painted Prayers, Painted Coasters and some Greeting Cards... I promise I am going to write in details about all that I have spoken about later...but today it is only going to be just a sneak-peek of the work-in-progress (not because I don't want to show you...just because nothing is really complete yet!)

If you are in Melbourne, please come by. If not, I will post all images here so that you do not miss-out!

Details of the Event:

Point Cook Fiesta

Sunday, October 14th 2012

At the streets within the Town Centre

11am -5pm


  1. Good luck with your second exhibition Anindita...i'm sure you will do well. And do post pictures afterwards :)

    1. Thanks Medha...i will post pictures today!....and a video too possibly!...check out my FB Page later today...


  2. Wonderful to meet you at the PT Fiesta today (I was the gal who bought the stones and the red card, works for Swinburne?), can't wait to hear and learn more from you and your beautiful art work. Thanks again, Phemie

    1. Hey Phemie, it was lovely meeting you too!

      Join me on FB www.facebook.com/meetDita

  3. "liked" ;-). You can get me on FB too, feel free to like also : https://www.facebook.com/phemieology


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