Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Warmer days are here...

While all the others are gathering nuts for the cold season we in the south, can't wait for the warmer and longer days...the barbeques in the parks, the icy-poles on the beaches, the balmy afternoons in the pools...It's been a long wait, but keeping in mind what is awaiting us, it all seems worth it!

Jiya drawing her version of the Tulip Festival...

To celebrate the beginning of the season of the sun, we decided to go to the Tulip Festival last Saturday! The bright morning looked so promising that none of us cared to check the weather (and we were 4 adults all equiped with handy 'i' stuff!)...On the way, we suddenly found ourselves racing black clouds...and by the time we reached, we were defeated! Brown sludge welcomed us to what was going to be a trip to remember!

Nothing seemed to stop the four kiddos (all just 5 or less)...the rain, the sludge, the chill in the air, cantankerous parents...nothing! The wide fields of colourful (wet)tulips and the magic in the air gave them a special thrill...a thrill that only innocent bodies like their's can feel...a thrill that we adults have hidden behind our woes...a thrill that we can feel only when we get rid of our inhibitions...And that we did!...finally!!!...After we spent most of our time there trying to mind the little fellows, we finally got our boots muddy...we finally let the rain wash away the restrictions...Our souls soaked the pleasure of indulgence as our laundered coats and styled hair soaked the rain drops! It indeed became a trip to the Tulip Festival with a difference...the difference that will make us smile to ourselves for a long time...

'The Tulip Festival' Painting by Dita...I would love to see this in some little girl's bedroom!


  1. haha, I'm sure I and J had a blast! sometimes its these impromptu things that make life sweeter. Glad you guys also enjoyed it.

    1. So true Medha...and it's these little things that we forget....

  2. Few comments about the latest painting. This is probably the first one without very dark back ground with considering some of your rainbow collection.

    Very clean lines. Nice presentation as always.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to review my painting. You are correct! It is different from the others, in the sense of colour selection(barring a few from my first collection). It makes me so happy to know that you have followed my paintings in such detail.


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