Monday, 15 October 2012

The Highlights...

Lord Ganesha on wood-chips and Painted Prayers by Dita
How would you react when somebody walked up to your Art Stall at a Fiesta and commented "You have got really 'basic' artwork here...where did you get these shipped from?" Mister...they have all been painted by me...fruits of my babies!!! Well, I did not say any of the above...I just smiled at his ignorance and politely informed him that they were original art-work created by me and perhaps of a style that was not to his liking....Such was the depth of my first ever experience on the other side of the table at a Fiesta!

However it will be genuinely unfair to highlight the only negative observation (or should I say constructive criticism)! It was a very busy day at the Point Cook Annual Fiesta and I had my fair share of gratification and erudition.

Visitors of all ages browsed my exhibit all through the day and I met with some very nice people who seemed to be really interested in my art-work. It specially felt good when some of the patrons had a survey my work in details, chatted with me and then later brought along their friend, partner or a family member to review some particular piece that they liked best! I also loved to see the eyes of eager kids light up when I spoke to them about my art-work...I wonder whether I would have been able to ask such intriguing questions at their age!

Hand-made CHAI coasters by Dita also part of the paraphernalia
What a pleasure it was to see such interest in colours and art-work in the members of my community specially when I was competing with free rides, face paitings, sausage sizzles and free lemonade on a beautiful sunny day beating the temperamental Melbourne weather!

If you were to ask whether I would do it answer would be "Differently but Definitely"!!!


  1. Well there's constructive criticism which is great when meant well and then there are people who jeer at others, possibly because they can't do much in the creative line themselves. I'm glad you're taking it positively. I'd probably be mad! Glad your fiesta went well, loving the painted Ganesha and the chai coasters!

  2. The Ganesh work llooks amazing. Would love to feel the texture. Nice coasters too.


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