Monday, 10 September 2012


I am not sure if I have told you earlier, but I am hosting my first solo Art Exhibition Fundraiser on the 14th of Sept and have been really busy over the weekend to conclude all the prep for that! Although my checklists and notes say that I am ready for Friday I can’t seem to get rid of the “I am missing something” feeling from my head...I am nervous and excited at the same time...puzzled yet resolved!

Prep for the exhibition! - Image by Dita
I am not sure which colour represents this whirlpool of emotions...but it seems as if all the colours of the world are being churned in my head...but for whatever reason they are not being mixed into a muddy brown and that makes me happy!!!
Whirlpool of Emotions!..Image from Google
Following is the poster for my Fundraiser. The initiative “Rainbow Children” is a concept that was conceived and nurtured by the “Daughters of the Cross” a religious congregation under the Roman Catholic Church. Over the years the nuns have been rendering untiring and determined service and effort to improve the state of the downtrodden in the vicinity of the convent. As a student of St. Agnes’s Convent School Howrah, I was involved in the ‘feed and read’ program where we used to spend time teaching the children from the slums close to our school and also provide them with one meal for the day. Today, when I realise how much my school has done for me I feel that this is only a small way that I can do something in return....when I see how fortunate I am not having to worry about the necessities of life I feel the need to think and do my little bit for the ones who are not as fortunate as I am...
The Banner - Image by Dita

I have named my collection of paintings ‘The Rainbow’ in honour of The Rainbow Children. There will be 7 paintings exhibited one of each colour of the rainbow and you have actaully seen all of them in my previous posts. I have also got some Greeting Cards designed from my paintings that I will be selling at the exhibition. I am actually working towards hosting the exhibition online afterwards and will update you as soon as I am ready. I do need your support to make that a success ! Let me see if I can use my passion for colours to broaden the smiles of these children….


  1. Good luck for your first showing Anindita, I am sure it will be a great success.

  2. Wish I was there!!...Anyway wish you all the best!!! It will surely me a great success all ways ...ALL THE VERY BEST

  3. All the very best to u Ani!!!Loved the banner .


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