Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Diwali

I can still smell the smoke of the fireworks...I can see the thick smog shrouding the streets...I can hear the constant rumbling noise of the 'chocolate bombs'...I can taste the 'Dahi Vada' that Thamma made...a silent tear escapes my eye...nostalgia grips me by surprise and I have to make a quick escape to the rest-room...I don't want I&J to see me cry...specially when they were having so much fun making tiny paper lanterns for Diwali. And I am not sad...I am actually really happy with life... happy to see I&J growing... happy to make new memories with M...But a little part of me seems to often escape and wonder down the memory lane...knocking at various leaky doors...doors that open the flood gates of emotion...emotions that are hard to suppress and even harder to express!

Paper Lantern made with I and J
I wonder when M and I will be old and grey...looking back to these colourful days...will we feel the same? When I & J will grow up...busy with their lives...will they ever pause for a few seconds, close their eyes and smell the fragrance of a Diwali that they had spent with us when they were little? And when they do will it be a pleasant memory? Will it for them open the flood gates of emotions...emotions that will make them happy in their present lives because they were happy in the days that have passed? I wonder...

Let me not get carried away by my thoughts this festive season...So heres wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali...May the festival of lights brighten up every day of your life...and May you always be able to build memories so strong that they have the power to brighten a dull moment for years to come!

PS: This is my favourite painting that somehow fits today’s post perfectly!

Painting by Dita


  1. Well written.It is these special days that fill us with nostalgia, and make you realize how far away you really are from home(?). But on the other hand, that is what drives us to make these days memorable for our kids.
    So much so that the kids want diwali again today so that they can light the candles all around the house.

  2. Excellent write up..made me emotional...


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