Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Doing 'nothing'

To do 'nothing' for a few minutes in my ever so busy life is such a luxury. Not that I like doing 'nothing' or I desire to do 'nothing'...(I honestly like to keep going all the time, but)sometimes  I love to sit back just for a while and watch the world pass by.

But every time I sit down on the couch doing nothing my body is severly confused and sends signals to my brain saying 'get up u haven't yet done this this this and that!' It's almost like the day after the exams, when you actually do not have to sit to study but somewhere in the back of your brain you feel guilty of not sitting down with your books.

Thanks to my daily routine, I now get more than an hour each day for three days a week where I can do 'nothing' without feeling guilty! I take the train to work on these days and conciously choose not to read, talk, browse, plan or even think of anything on my way back. (On my way to work I generally do at least one of the above.) 

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How nice is it to rest those brain cells just for bit and gaze out of the train window and look at 'nothing'! I just let my thoughts loose, let my mind relax and my eyes wander...Wander into the blurr the motion creates, wander into the oblivion where nothingness dwells, wander into the desolation that is almost positive and energising. I am soon lost in this world where I do not feel guilty of not doing anything. A world that calms my senses and fuels my brain. A world that I cannot reach easily even with the utmost effort.

And when I actually reach my destination, I am ready for the rest of the day...not tired, not exhausted nor spent (well not mentally at least) because that IS the most important part of the day. That is the part of the day I get to spend with M, I and J.

I ask myself...Is that what Meditation is?

What do you do everyday to rejuvinate your senses?

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