Monday, 11 March 2013

Five of the Finest

The first meeting about the event was held on one Saturday and we were all set-up and open by the next...that is how crazy we artists are...And I thank God that we are like that...And I am emphasing the 'we' here because I am somewhat pleased (almost glad) to know that I am not the only artist that has crazy ideas and likes to run with them...I now know for a fact that there are at least 4 more of them on this earth!

Yes I am talking about about the 'Five of the Finest'! It is a collaborative art exhibition cum sale organised and run by 5 artists residing in the West of Melbourne. (For details click here)

It all happened when I was having tea with 'M' one fine afternoon. I was, as usual  thinking aloud and then like magic the thoughts took shape and out came my trustee 'to do' diary. (Trust me, that diary lists things like... 'Buy 1 kg Carrot' and 'Visit the Northern Lights' all in the same page!) I scribbled down a few ideas and there I was planning and plotting in my mind the whole evening! I woke up in the middle of the night with complex plans going on in my head and could not go back to was like 200 excited kids talking at the same time inside my brain!

The next day I walked into the management office of the venue and then it all fell into place quite rapidly...It was unreal!  I then had the task of  getting a few fellow artists on-board!

That Saturday afternoon with a group of artists at the local cafe was the most enlightning time I have had in years! The feeling of being in the same boat, the realisation that I don't think 'like that' alone, the mere acceptance of the idea, and the gratitude of the others all lead to a state of euporia that fueled an extreme energy. The energy to push myself (beyond my normal 40 hrs job and home-front with M, I and J) to get this whole event organised in less than a week.

Thanks to all that have been involved the exhibition is now OPEN!
Below is a photograph of the Five Crazy Artists at the Launch Party!

From left - Uma Barry, Anindita Banerjee (Dita), Janet Knight, Ivana Pinaffo, Virginia Coghill

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