Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ivana Pinaffo

 A petite figure, a smile on her face and BRIGHT eyes behind those glasses...that's what I remembered about her appearance after I met her the first time...But what I remembered more was the tiny colourful card that she shared with me then! Ivana Pinaffo is the artist who among all her beautiful work is known for her fabulous Italian Mask Paintings ... and I got to know her more not right after our first meeting, but months later when we ended up exhibiting together!

In the weeks that we worked together, Ivana quickly became this loving friend always willing to help and guide...not only professionally but also at a personal level. And this is when the windows to her inner self slowly opened...That together with a visit to her lovely home and Studio late one night resulted in this post which is just about a year too late! (Sorry Ivana, but you know the roller-coaster ride that caused this delay! Better late than never?)

Ivana was drawn to art from when she was very young. She fondly remembers how her father used to get her art supplies as presents instead of toys because he knew how much happier his little princess would be. That feeling still reigns her inner self...she still gets excited when she visits an art store or when she opens a Christmas present and it has something related to art in it! "Not a day will pass without some form of creativity!" she says.

Born in North Africa, Ivana spent her early years with her parents following her dream of becoming an artist. But just as the reality of life hits everybody after a while little Ivana's fantasy was put on hold. She travelled to Malta to complete her higher education and then migrated to Australia with her parents.

It was in Australia where she got married and started a family. Ivana did not have a minute to look back and ponder. She was living another dream while the fire of creativity in her lay hidden deep inside...she did not have the opportunity to let it surface. Her days were full and nights short! She was loving this life...She had two beautiful daughters, an adoring husband and a brimming life!

It was only after her daughters left home that she stopped! She stopped to take a breath, stopped to sit down and give herself some time, stopped to think what she really wanted to do now...And today she is happy that she stopped!

The fire that was long hidden shone through again...and this time it was so bright and brilliant that even Ivana herself did not have any control on it! She delved into the world of Art and submerged all her senses in it's effervescence. She slowly transformed into this avatar that she could only dream of as a little girl... Ivana became the artist she fantasized about... 

Just walking into Ivana's home gives away the fact that she is an artist. Beautifully decorated, each corner of her haven tells stories of her wonderful life. Large family portraits, little soveniers and lots of paintings...they all tell tales about the past and the present and make the by-stander wonder how wondrous the coming years are going to be!
But even more awesome is the space she weaves the magic. Her Studio! It is this magical place where she transforms her experience past and present, her dreams and reality, her thoughts and her actions into ART!  This is where she has total control of her world but none over her senses...this is where she gets lost with no intention of finding herself...this is where she creates...
In her paintings, Ivana uses bright colours, broad brush strokes and thickened textures. Although her preferred medium is acrylic, she sometimes uses pastels and oil depending on the subject she is working on...If you ever caught her by surpeise, this is how Ivana's palette would look like!

Ivana has participated in numerous art shows and exhibitions. She loves to share her immense knowledge and experience but never stops learning herself....To know more about her current ativities or to buy some of her work, please go here.



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