Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Welcome to, my new website with my new branding!

16 months, 8 days and 3 hrs ago ago I finally did what I had been longing to do for ages… it was a a slow emotional build-up that had started ages ago but it was 20 seconds of courage one evening that pushed me take the final call. I left my comfortable corporate job for the unknown world of being a free-lance artist. It was like aiming to swim in the deep-side before learning to float! But that is my way.

It has been a roller-coaster ride since then. I have drawn, sketched, painted my heart out and continue to do so everyday. I have been part of numerous exhibitions and have been humbled by people’s interest and appreciation of my work. Many have got a piece of my soul in their homes and even now, every time somebody appreciates my work or buys a painting I feel the excitement that I felt when my first painting sold.

The introduction of the classes at the studio was the next step and they turned to be a great pleasure of its own. There is so much joy in sharing the magic of art with kids and grown-ups. The positive energy in the studio with the passionate students around is like therapy. It is also so satisfying to see them develop their confidence and express themselves through art. Maitri is another beautiful addition to this which I am going to tell you all about shortly.
After the classes were established, we found a way to have even more fun in the way of Arty Parties – unique, fun birthday parties for cool kids. I have been working on an adult version of it for a while and am now all ready to launch the new event – Paint & Sip parties.

I had been playing with the idea of getting a professional branding and website design done for some time but knew that it had to wait for the right time. Finally it was the right time… Term 4 was over and done with and I had some time on hand to start this project. I had a very specific picture in mind and the lovely Gina at LexiPhi brought it to life.

The process of working with a designer to get the logo, branding and website done is very very interesting. They say when two creative souls get together, you cannot always be sure of the outcome… but thankfully we clicked from the very first meeting! (Thank you Rachel who introduced us!) I bugged Gina multiple times a day, did not give her, her creative freedom sometimes and occasionally even pushed her outside her comfort zone. (Don’t get me wrong, I am a usually a very easy client to please, but this project was too close to my heart and I was very anxious and excited the whole time) And where we reached at the end of it all is ever so satisfying.  I couldn’t be happier with how it has all shaped up (Gina is a genius). Do leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the new look and feel!

2015 is going be bigger and better than ever before. I can feel the pulse and the positive vibes and am all geared up to work even harder. We have loads happening and have loads planned for this year. I am so glad to have Julia on-board as my Studio Assistant and fellow Art Tutor. I will continue working with Gina for promotions and marketing. Karen from BookIT has started taking good care of the administration and the financials. With all this help, the core functioning of the working studio will be taken care of leaving me a lot more time to do what I do best – PAINT! There are a lot of interesting things planned ahead in the form of exhibitions, Maitri events, outdoor painting sessions, kids after school classes, etc. about which I will keep talking and sharing with you.

Thank you for the ongoing support and appreciation. All the love that you show me only inspires me and pushes me to do better!


  1. Great going Anindita! Best wishes!

  2. Yeah. I think you should try to get professional assistance for your logo and branding, simply because it would be cool to be able to get someone skilled to take your vision and translate it in another way. That, or at least come up with stuff that will lead back into your original idea, but from another angle. It would simply be fascinating to sit back and watch that occur, just to see the result.

    Pete Summers @ Elite Market Links


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