Monday, 20 August 2012

Is RED the colour of your love?

Red to me is the colour of love...of passion...of happiness. It is the colour of quivering lips and beating hearts. It is the colour of fresh juicy strawberries, the colour of roses, the colour of red wine...The colour that automatically sets the mood of romance...and the colour that breathes joy and celebration.

Images from Google, Collage by Dita
  If I were to tell you about one moment (among numerous others eversince) when I really 'felt' the colour would definitely be when I closed my eyes to say my weddings wows. I was this young blushing bride full of dreams of her future life with her knight in shining armour...and when I closed my eyes for the final step of the wedding where M applied the 'sindur' on my forehead for the first time ever, all I could feel was a mix of emotions, I felt the love, the passion, the promise, the uncertainty, the hope, the desire....i felt RED....I dont know whether it was the colour of the sindur, or my wedding saree or the blood that rushed to my cheek and made me blush....but i definitely felt was magical...the feeling of one dream coming true and building many others at the same time...the feeling of desire and contentment at the same time!

Images from Google, Collage by Dita
 I painted the one below to celebrate the colour also raises the question of Red's relation with Black in my mind and I will speak about that another time...Till then keep reading and do let me know what you feel about RED...

Painting by Dita


  1. Just found your blog via FB and totally loving it! Red is a very strong color indeed which symbolizes some of the strongest emotions!
    That painting of yours is amazing!
    Following you on GFC now!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours (Mouli)


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