Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Snow White...

Apologies for moving away from my Rainbow Collection for a bit today but I desperately want to speak to you about WHITE. Ishaan turned 5 last Friday and we went to the mountains to celebrate this milestone! It was a lot of fun there for us and the kids with good friends, good food and a lot of snow!

Ishaan and his Toboggan! Pic by Manas Ray

The pristine fresh WHITE everywhere was like magic. The bright sun against the white blanket of snow and the twinkling eyes of I and J was like a trilogy made in heaven! The sparkling little crystals almost literally reflected the happy and joyfull heart of my innocent little five year old... and I could not help but go back down memory lane to that winter in Chicago now almost 6 yrs back when I first knew that I was going to be a mom! I could almost touch the growing wave of emotion within and shed just a few tears of joy when I was brought back to reality...a pair of little ice-cold hands were pulling and poking me, trying to get my attention...Jiya wanted some help with the toboggan! A little push and there I was dreaming again...This time of the family holiday that I spent with Bonuram about 15 years back at Tshangu Lake in Sikkim, India. That was the first time we had ever experienced snow in real life! I could hear us giggling and shouting and throwing snow balls at each other untill M actually threw a snow ball at me....I quickly retaliated the move and moved on...What was the snow doing to me? It was like my own personal time-machine bringing back memories so full of life of fun-times that I have had...it was playing magic...it was taking advantage of my vulnerable set of emotions and making me nostalgic and happy at the same time...

Tshangu Lake Pic Coutrsey:

White to me has almost the same meaning as it has to the world. It is pure, pristine, clean and ...neutral....and I have recently discovered that white funnily enough, also acts like a time-machine! Well I am not sure whether it was the colour white or the snow but it has definitely given me a very good idea for my next collection. I will try to keep the idea to myself for now but will share with you this picture...keep guessing!

Pic Courtesy: Google


  1. Really down the memory lane Netherlands, Minneapolis, Chicago, Green Bay, De Moines. So many memories...

    Thanks for this write-up


  2. There's something about snow, that calms and energizes me at the same time. Cold feet, cold hands and cold nose notwithstanding. Of course, by mid winter I have had enough of it but falling/freshly fallen snow is so magical, like a blank slate full of infinite possibility.

    Enjoying your blog a lot, Anindita. Are you really a self taught artist? That really boggles the mind, because whatever I've seen of your work so far is beautiful!

    good luck, do keep posting- I blog occasionally too, usually about pretty random stuff. At http://ichewthefat.com


    1. Thanks Medha... really kind words... :)
      I just went through your blog...(and became a follower)...
      keep posting and keep reading :)

  3. nice!!! love to read!! reminiscing good memories are always lovable..

    1. Thanks Krishna...i know exactly what you mean!


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